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RAMADAN DST changed Time Hotfix - Egypt Daylight Saving Time updates for August and September 2010

 Microsoft have release a hotfix for addressing the Daylight change. Please review the following article for more information.

بسبب تغيير الساعة فى مصر نقدم لكم الباتش ويمكنك تسطيبة مانيوال لجهاز واحد و ايضا تابع اللينكات لطريقة توزيعها على اجهزة الدومين
Egypt Daylight Saving Time updates for August and September 2010

لتنزيل الباتش مباشرة من هنا

Please note the following, this fix does not appear to be available through WSUS. You will need to download it manually then distribute it using Startup Scripts, SMS, or SCCM.

Remember you need to test whatever method you are going to use (Hotfix through Scripts, SMS, SCCM, TZEdit) on a test environment first and on all the platforms you are going to support before implementing it on the production systems.

On how you will deploy the MSI package through active directory and Group policy (GPOs) please find the below link.!&p=29107#post29107

For a video session on how to make a registry key and script to fix any Daylight saving time updates see this video.!-%CD%D5%D1%EC&p=29105#post29105

Note: Some of you might have faced problems with Outlook Calendar items being changed 1 hour earlier after applying the DST patch. This is an expected issue and this is how it should be.

For some customers, this is okay as if they were scheduling appointments with other people in different time zones, then their appointments must be shifted 1 hour earlier. For some other customers, they do not want this to happen.

Please take a look at the following resource concerning how to control Outlook Calendar with DST changes

Australia Daylight Saving Planning Guide

How to address time zone changes by using the Time Zone Data Update Tool for Microsoft Office Outlook

How to address daylight saving time by using the Exchange Calendar Update Tool

*IMPORTANT: Please read carefully the above document and resource well and test them in a test environment first before applying them to production.

This reply is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights

My own recommendation is to let users shift their calender items manually to avoid any unexpected issues.

the changes are happened only for the items that was created before the DST time change but after the patching everything will be normal.


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